Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beyond Method #4 Employment 2.0

Hello Everyone,

I checked out the Resume building tools and really like the VisualCV. I really like the mashups that you can create. For example if someone wants to see how you teach you can  add a YouTube video. The Emurse.com is closing in July so I didn't go to that site.

For the job Searching, I liked the Indeed.com and Careerbuilder as places to search. The Bixee is for job searching in India. I Use Twitter and am on LinkedIn already and know about those sites. I do like them both as a form of networking and job searching.

 For the exercise:

1.   I searched USAjobs.gov, Monster, and Job Applications on the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries website. I think you would need to have some computer skills before searching. Each site was a little different and users would have a slight learning curve before being able to use the sites.

2.  The Goodwill Community Foundation's Computer Basics page. I have heard about the Goodwill site, but never looked at it before. It's a great site with different levels so it can be used by people with a variety of computer skills and would be very useful for people updating or learning new skills.

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