Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beyond Method #2

I have an iGoogle customizable webpage and like the way I can put everything on one page and not have to go to different sites to get information.

Since I had the iGoogle account, I decided to look at the others. Pageflakes and decided to create another page on NetVibes.

NetVibes does have more flexibility than iGoogle and allows for greater diversity of information. The way the basic version displays it would be good for a public library that provides news readers, weather, etc.

At our institution it would be good to provide links to other departments on campus, student affairs, sport events, computer lab hours in one spot. I could not see where NetVibes allows for this capability. I did contact them and was told at the higher price of NetVibes something like that would be an option.

The only complaint I had about NetVibes is when I tried to add widgets it said they were unavailable and to try later. Two days later they are still not available. This happened with 4 different widgets. Did anyone else have this problem?

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